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If you have a collection of coins, or even just a few coins and you are curious of their value, you’ve come to the right place! Second Hand World is the largest coin supplier in Northen Ontario. We are located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and convientenly enough for our American customers, we are situated on the border of Sault Sainte Marie, MI in the upper Peninsula of Northern Michigan.

Most coin collectors know that coins can increase in value over time, but a lot do not know all of the factors that contribute to the value increase of their coins. Like all of you collectors out there, we love coins. At one point, we were even distributers for the Royal Canadian Mint.The difference is that we know the value increase factors. We understand that a lot of old coins are rare and very valuable, but we also understand that not all old coins share the same factors that make them rare.

We highly recomend that you stop by, call, or even email us so that you can receive a fair and reasonable appraisal for your coins. We aim to provide the best customer service possible. We offer legitimate items with appropriate grading and honest prices. We will never sell you conterfeit money, and we likewise do not purchase it. We pay cash on the spot!

For any inquiries or to book an appointment, call us at 1-705-256-1053.

You can also email us at jeanpaul@secondhandworld.com

Our location in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario:



For our American customers, here are the directions to get to us from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan :